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Elderly Care West Palm Beach, FL

Elderly Care West Palm Beach, FL

Elderly Care West Palm Beach, FLIt is well documented that as we age, our reflexes and reaction times slow down, our memory is sometimes not what it used to be, as well as issues with vision and hearing. All of these things are a normal part of aging, but they do make the elderly in Florida more susceptible to accidents. These accidents – while causing minor injuries in younger people – can result in serious accidents in the elderly, such as fractured hip or other bone, which can be difficult to recover from for someone who is older. This is why it is important to take extra steps and precautions to ensure the home of a senior is safe from slip and falls and other hazards. This is why so many families turn to elderly care West Palm Beach, FL residents turn to. 

The following are tips that can help prevent accidents for seniors. It can also be helpful to retain the services of home health care West Palm Beach, FL families recommend to care to help the senior.

Be Aware of Surroundings: It is important for seniors to stay alert and be aware of what is around them at all times. This means getting plenty of sleep, so you are well-rested, as well as not allowing thoughts to distract you from a task you are doing. Consider implementing the following:

  • Install railings throughout the home, which are very helpful to a senior when it comes to balance.
  • Watch for any changes in floor height, spills, carpet defects, and any other issues that can cause a fall. Now would be a good time to get rid of small area rugs or mats which could cause the senior to slip and fall.
  • If you begin to feel dizzy as you stand up or walking, make sure to stop and take deep, slow breaths. Also, make sure to hold onto the railing firmly.
  • Always walk at your own speed. Don’t try to keep up with someone walking faster than you feel comfortable with.
  • Make sure you have plenty of lighting in your home, especially at night. Keep lamps or nightlights on at night so the room is well lit.

What to Do If You Fall?

If an elderly loved one has fallen, it is important for them to stay exactly where they are and not try to get up. Make sure that they know this in case they are alone when they fall. If they are alone, tell them to yell until someone hears them. Having a safety alert bracelet is an option that enables seniors to call for help if they fall. It is important to stay alert and not fall asleep after a fall until help arrives. If the senior is unsure they have injuries, or if you are with them and are unsure if they are injured, they should stay where they are until emergency responders arrive.

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