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4 Activities for Managing Dementia Behaviors

Home Health Aide Boynton Beach, FL

For those currently sequestered inside, it seems that the hours are constantly in need of being filled with activity. If you are caregiving for someone with dementia, these days are especially in need of some stimulating exercises!

Ask any home health aide in Boynton Beach Florida, and they’ll tell you, finding good activities for dementia patients is a great way to manage their behaviors. Agitation, sun-downing, and confusion can all be quelled through redirection methods. This article will explore four fun activities that are perfect for managing dementia behaviors!

  1. Large Playing Cards

The first activity involves large, print playing cards that dementia patients can easily read and manage. Based on their liking, they can decide on how they want to play. Earlier stage patients might be interested in a friendly game of “Go Fish”. Later stage patients would probably be more interested in shuffling the deck, or sorting the cards by their own preference.

As always, take care to notice your loved one’s reaction to the deck. If they seem agitated or frustrated, they might be dealing with an overload of options. To amend that, simply remove some cards from the deck for simplification!

  1. Help with the Laundry

Another great activity to do with a dementia patient is the laundry! Specifically, you can have them help fold towels. Folding towels allows for your loved one to work on motor skills, harness hand-eye coordination, and foster a feeling of purpose. When choosing the fabric, try and find smaller hand towels that are easily handled!

  1. Spend Time With A Furry Friend

Spending time with animals is an entertaining and therapeutic activity for dementia patients. A well-trained pet can help ease agitation while encouraging social interaction. In fact, according to a 2002 study published within the Wesern Journal of Nursing Research, it was revealed that dementia patients “showed significantly fewer behavior problems” when days were spent with a therapy pet.

  1. Play With A Memory Box

For dementia patients, a memory box is a wonderful activity to pass the time. Small mementos of their history are a great way to connect the dementia patient to their earlier life. They can look at old trophies, a moniker that used to be on their desk, or a childhood toy that brought them comfort. A memory box is also a mobile activity, meaning that this redirection method can travel should your loved one need to go to an outside appointment.

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