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Choosing HomeCare During COVID

Home Care Nursing Boynton Beach, FL

With everything occurring in the world, many people are rethinking how to take care of their aging loved ones. A 2020 article by the New York Times highlights how many families are “agonized about whether to [remove their elders from senior living and] bring their loved ones home”. Meanwhile, in April of this year, the county health director of Los Angeles recommended removing elders altogether from long term nursing homes for their safety.

Thus, many families are now finding themselves rehoming their aging loved ones to a home care strategy! With a smaller community, more hands-on treatment, and removal from higher risk environments, homecare is shaping up to be a more advantageous healthcare strategy.

If you are considering switching your aging loved one to homecare, the following is a quick guideline on choosing homecare during COVID!

Do Your Research

The first step for any homecare plan is to do your research. Ask the home health care agency what methods are in place to handle the coronavirus pandemic. Are they utilizing social distancing measures? How often do they do temperature checks? How have they changed their regular business to accommodate the needs of the pandemic?

Ask For References

Another stage of your research is to ask for references. Your goal is to cast a wide net of references; this way you can collect data and make an informed decision based on their feedback.

You’ll want to find clients who are currently using the homecare service, and those who have left the agency. Ask them what they like, dislike, why they stay, or why they left the agency.

Another great form of reference are health care providers. Doctors, medical leaders in the community, and discharge providers are a treasure trove of insider information. They can tell you if a company is reputable, infamous, high quality, worth the money, or too pricey!

Schedule a Virtual Interview

If you find a home care agency that you like, that’s great! You now can meet with your potential home care health aide. Normally, there would be an in-person meeting. Yet, the joy of video calling has allowed for many people to get in contact remotely.

Set up a video chat of your liking, and involve your aging loved one. Ask questions about the home health aide’s caregiving strategy. Make certain to ask how they have accommodated new health measures, while still providing high-quality of care.

For more information about home care nursing services, contact Expicare today.