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Creating An Alzheimer’s Schedule

Home Health Aides

With many seniors entering into their golden years, it’s a known fact that many will encounter the development of Alzheimer’s. According to the Alzheimer’s Association “one out of ten americans over the age of 65 has Alzheimer’s.” As home health aides and family caregivers manage this disease, many have found success in creating an Alzheimer’s schedule!

Why Create A Schedule?

Creating a schedule creates a structure that benefits you and your loved one. This gives you an understanding of what can be accomplished in the day, a sense of timing, and removes feelings of being overwhelmed. Meanwhile, for patients with Alzheimer’s, the structure can aid against restlessness, confusion, and the onslaught of “sun-downing” syndrome.

How To Create A Plan

To create a schedule, you’ll always want to utilize the following guidelines. These include physical exercise, socializing, and cognitive work. Within these guidelines, take into account the needs of your loved one. What are their mobile capabilities? What is something they used to enjoy? What brings them joy now, in their day-to-day life?

After answering those questions, you can utilize the information collected and implement it into the following!


A great activity in the Alzheimer’s schedule is a daily regimen of exercise. Of course, you will want to tailor this to the abilities of your loved one. Remember, physical activity is not simply excessive jogging or weight lifting.

You can accomplish physical activity through seated stretches, a walk through the garden, or an easy game of ping pong. Your goal is to give your loved one a method by which they can get moving, work on coordination, and practice other necessary motor functions.

Brain Power

When it comes to creating a schedule, it goes without saying that you’ll want to include some form of cognitive workout. This does not need to be the brain olympics, but it needs to include some form of mental stimulation. Try to find activities that will stimulate the brain and keep it busy. This can be a word search, a sudoku, or a fun puzzle.

Social Time

You’ll want to designate time for yourself and your loved one to undergo a communal activity. This can be something that both of you enjoy: whether this is snacks in the garden or an episode from a favorite soap opera. The goal is to foster and take part in a sense of community together. Humans are social creatures. So, by scheduling daily social time, you can further enjoy the day together!

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