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How To Successfully Move With Seniors

Live In Elderly Care

Elderly people choose to move for many different reasons. For some, they want to downsize after their family has moved out of their bigger home. For others, they wish to move to a place that is more comfortable for seniors and accommodates their needs better. Whatever reason they have for their decision, moving can be a particularly stressful time for seniors, and they may not have the energy or time to plan a move and take care of the details themselves. Additionally, you may experience added anxiety when it comes to trusting a company to take care of your family heirlooms and items you have had for many years. Not all seniors have children or grandchildren around who can help, so finding a moving company that fits your needs is paramount.

Find a Moving Manager

One of the quickest ways to take the stress off your plate is to find a company that can provide you with a moving manager. This person will sit down with you to go over your moving plan in detail and make sure nothing is left out. They can then be the ones to delegate moving tasks to their employees to ensure they take care of your items. A moving manager can:

    • Conduct a walkthrough of your home, discussing what will go and stay.
    • Provide you with an estimate for everything discussed.
    • Devise a timeline for packing, loading boxes, and getting your items to the new house safely.
    • Provide packing materials to pack up the customer’s items or use the customer’s own packing materials. And
  • Determine the dates to start and stop the client’s utilities.

A moving manager has many roles, but they are crucial when planning and organizing their client’s move.

What To Look For In a Moving Company

While a moving manager is an integral part of your relocation, you should also do your own research on companies that specifically work with senior citizens for their move. You want to ensure that whoever you use for your move is a company you can trust with your personal belongings and prized possessions. A few things to look for are:

    • Verify that the moving company carries the proper insurance and license.
    • Receive a written estimate of how much your move will cost once the manager or inspector has conducted a walkthrough of your home.
    • Examine the company’s reviews. Never go with a moving company simply because it is the cheapest one you could find. If your family and friends don’t have recommendations, you should be able to find online reviews that share other customers’ insights.
  • Avoid paying upfront. Some companies believe they can scam their clients by asking for full payments or large down payments before the move. You should pay the company for your move once they have completed the task.

Finding the Right Company

Moving is stressful for anyone but can cause even more anxiety for senior citizens. If you are looking for help with your move and are not sure where to turn, contact movers today. We value our customers and will give you the help and respect you deserve.