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Preparation, Caregiving, and COVID: 4 Tips

Home Health Aide Boca Raton, FL 

With COVID numbers still accelerating, it’s imperative that we all prepare for whatever the future holds. This is true for all professions, but especially for those in the caregiving field. Thus, if you are a family caregiver or home health aide, here are 4 tips for taking care of a senior during COVID.

  1. Designate A Possible Quarantine Space

If you or your loved one comes in contact with someone with COVID, you are going to need to quarantine yourself. The CDC and World Health Organization recommend an isolated, two-week quarantine.

You will want to designate ‘a sick room.’ This will be the quarantine room where you will stay for the two weeks. This room should ideally have its own restroom, be far from any communal areas, and do not allow entry to any curious pets!

  1. Refill Prescriptions Through Mail or Delivery

COVID has changed many things, but it hasn’t changed that we need to take care of our daily needs. These include filling prescriptions. If you or your loved ones have trepidation about braving the pharmacy, there are other options! You can have prescriptions switched to mail order. Many pharmacies, including CVS and Walgreens, also offer delivery services!

  1. Be Aware of Changes to Healthcare Facilities

With the onset of COVID, many healthcare facilities are restricting or changing their visitation policy. Thus, if your loved one has to go to a hospital, there’s a likelihood that you will not be able to accompany them. Thus, it’s important to stay informed of any changes to your local healthcare facility.

As with all things, it helps to be prepared. Work with your loved one to create a game plan should they have to enter without you. Write down a list of contact info, medical requests, and other pertinent information on small pieces of paper. These papers can be handed to healthcare professionals to advocate for your loved one!

  1. Stay Informed of the Facts

The best way to be a caregiver during COVID is to stay up-to-date with the facts. It’s understood that this is a truly hard time to stay aware, as there is so much information being revealed every day.

Yet, you can cut through all of the excess by paying attention to reputable sources. Check for updates from the CDC, World Health Organization, and other nation-based scientific agencies. If someone gives you advice based on “what they heard of Facebook”, it goes without saying that this information might not be reputable!

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