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Elderly Assistance Services Boynton Beach, FL

Elderly Assistance Services Boynton Beach, FL

Elderly Assistance Services Boynton Beach, FLThere comes a time when a senior may need full-time elderly assistance services from a professional caregiver in Boynton Beach, FL. This may include shopping and other errands, medication management, and much more, depending on their physical and emotional requirements. Expicare Nursing offers a wide range of elderly assistance services in Boynton Beach, FL. Depending on the amount of time within a 24-hour period that your loved one needs care, we can usually accommodate that. Call us to find out more about how we can help you based on your requirements.

Live In Elderly Assistance Services in Boynton Beach, FL

If your elder requires full time care, they may benefit from live in elderly assistance services in Boynton Beach, FL. Expicare Nursing can place a home health aide in their home for a predetermined period of time which may be 12 or 24 hours, days, or even a week. There may be a small team of aides who alternate shifts. During that time, all of the tasks that need to be accomplished on behalf of your loved one will be taken care of by the caregivers in an organized manner. Though there will be a caregiver providing elderly assistance services at all times, the caregivers will not actually live in the elder’s Boynton Beach, FL home. This allows the elder to sleep with an awake caregiver who can attend them if they require care during the night. When the caregiver needs to sleep, they will leave the elder’s home and another caregiver will take their place.

The Benefits of Elderly Assistance Services in Boynton Beach, FL

The most important benefit for many elders and their families is that the elder has the opportunity to remain in their home when taking advantage of elderly assistance services. Because of the safety protocols associated with having a trained caregiver in the home, the elder will be safer. Being in their own home allows the elder to enjoy a higher quality of life when they are surrounded by their precious belongings and memories. Meanwhile, the elderly assistance services provided by Expicare Nursing ensures the elder eats healthy and delicious meals and receives the medications as prescribed by their doctor. Other tasks such as running errands, light housework, and other services can be included in the care that the elder receives. There are many additional benefits to receiving elderly assistance services in Boynton Beach, FL such as:

  •         Additional comfort for your loved one.
  •         Medication management to ensure your elder is taking the right medication, the right dosage, and taking it when prescribed, and not running out before a refill is ready.
  •         Your loved one can get to their physical therapy and other treatments with transportation and appointment assistance.
  •         Assistance with exercises and mobility or ambulation to maximize their fitness abilities and minimize or eliminate the risk of losing important muscle mass.
  •         More convenient for loved ones to spend time with your elder as you can determine what hours will be convenient for visits.

Call us at Expicare Nursing today to find out more about the elderly assistance services we offer in Boynton Beach, FL.