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Home Health Aide West Palm Beach, FL

Home Health Aide West Palm Beach, FL Home Health Aide West Palm Beach, FL

When families have a loved one who requires specialized care, a home health aide serving West Palm Beach, FL can provide what they need and make it possible for the family member to stay in their home. Expicare Nursing Agency, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality care for our patients. Families know that when a home health aide from our staff is taking care of their loved one, they can rest easy knowing their family member is in good hands. For over 35 years, Expicare Nursing Agency Inc. has provided such assistance with home health aide services throughout the West Palm Beach, FL community, and we can be there for your family too. Give us a call to find out more about the home health aide services that we provide to the West Palm Beach, FL area.

Homecare Versus a Nursing Home

When a person develops a need for extensive and specialized medical and related care, they are faced with a difficult decision. In many cases, they have to decide between moving into a nursing home facility or hiring a home health aide. It’s usually not practical or advisable to rely on family members to provide the necessary care. Not only is it physically and emotionally exhausting for family to attempt this, they rarely have the medical training that may be necessary to provide the proper level of care. A home health aide in West Palm Beach, Florida can provide part or full-time care as needed, and is highly trained to recognize and meet the needs of patients. There are many advantages to hiring a home health aide rather than placing a loved one in a nursing home facility. Below is a general comparison of these two options. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about the benefits of hiring a home health aide serving West Palm Beach, Florida.

  •  Cost considerations. A nursing home that provides quality care to its residents, and has no complaints of neglect or a history of personal injury lawsuits, will be expensive. A home health aide from the West Palm Beach, FL area will provide one-on-one care at a reasonable rate, whether they are needed part-time or full-time.
  • Immediate care. Good nursing homes can be hard to find, and there is often a long waiting list. If the facility is the only choice due to its geographical location, your family may be forced to wait a long time. In the meantime, and possibly as a long term consideration, a home health aide from West Palm Beach, FL can provide the care your loved one needs now.
  • Personalized care. Nursing homes have many residents and limited staff. As a result, they have limited resources. A home health aide from our staff will be exclusively focused on your loved one. Not only does this make it possible to attend to their immediate needs, but it is also critical for noting when changes occur, and detecting early signs of potential issues. This makes it possible to take a proactive approach for providing the best possible care and addressing concerns before they worsen.

If you have a loved one who is in need of specialized care and attention, contact us to find out more about the advantages of hiring a West Palm Beach, FL home health aide from Expicare Nursing Agency, Inc.

What an In-Home Health Care Nurse Can Do For Your Senior Loved One

Here at Expicare Nursing Agency, Inc, we are aware that millions of Americans struggle trying to balance all the demands of life, including their home, work, children, and perhaps caring for someone who is aging too. Attempting to juggle every aspect can be overwhelming, and eventually, the family of a senior relative may consider hiring a West Palm Beach, FL based home health aide instead of doing the work themselves. Caring takes significant physical and emotional energy, so it’s understandable when family members reach out to us about hiring a home health aide. 

The Need For Elderly Support

The adult children of a senior loved one may live far away and have trouble getting to the relative’s house on a recurring basis, or live in the same home and have trouble dealing with the pressure to provide care 24/7. It isn’t uncommon for relatives to call us talking about how burnt-out they are, and just can’t fathom continuing on as they have been. This is where our West Palm Beach, FL home health aides at Expicare Nursing Agency, Inc. can step in. 

Why Home Health Care is a Great Option

Aside from relatives who are currently providing care being able to get a well-deserved break, the elderly loved one also is able to get the care they need quickly and consistently. When contacting us, we may ask questions about your loved one’s daily life, to see when visits from a home health aide from West Palm Beach, FL would be most helpful. If a nurse is needed around-the-clock, then we can talk to you about our service options.

Here are some of the ways that having a West Palm Beach, FL home health aide can benefit both families and the aging loved one: 

  • Home health aides in West Palm Beach, FL can be there when you can’t. Family members who still have to work for a living may not be able to help their senior loved one in the moment they need assistance. This can add increased pressure and stress on everyone.
  • The senior loved one receives skilled support. Our company can ensure that your senior family member gets the medical care they need. Our nurses can perform things like administering medications, injections, wound care, and other minor treatments. 
  • Home care supports the quality of life. We understand that has a loving family member, you want to see your senior relative live their remaining years with as minimal suffering as possible. By having our West Palm Beach, FL home health aides visit on a consistent basis, the senior is not only getting medical care, but a companionship experience that can decrease feelings of loneliness. Our home health aides can help with daily living activities like bathing, medical reminders, grooming, and eating.

There is so much more that we would love to share with you about the benefits of hiring a home health aide. Please call us today at Expicare Nursing Agency, Inc so we can answer any questions you have and get a West Palm Beach, FL home health aide into your senior loved one’s home as soon as possible. 

What Are Your Rights as a Patient of In-Home Care?

If you are a patient of in-home care, or are a loved one who is considering it for another person – be it parent, child, relative, or friend, it is important that you understand the patients’ rights. A Bill of Rights (sometimes referred to as guidelines, rules, or policy) is considered to be a fundamental document and should be provided by any reputable in-home care agency. 

When you choose Expicare Nursing Agency to be your home health aide in West Palm Beach, Florida, we encourage every patient and/or family member to review our patients’ rights. We want our clients to know that we have their best interests in mind, and we believe our patient rights policy will act as a foundation to providing you with the knowledge you are looking for in order to make sound decisions that benefit the health of your loved one. 

Our patients’ rights are broad and applicable to every patient receiving care from one of our home health aides in West Palm Beach, Florida. These rights, albeit concepts, are what defines the quality of care received, our values, and our services. 

We Believe in Transparency

We believe that patients’ rights begin with honest communication between a West Palm Beach, Florida home health aide or caregiver and the patient. We seek to work together with our patients, and their family members, to develop a plan of care that is individualized. All those involved will learn about the treatments that will be provided; however, nothing is permanent. We understand that a patient’s needs can evolve, in this case, we may adjust their care plan in the best way we see fit. Should this occur, we will inform you and the patient. 

Patient’s Choice

We encourage patients and family members to speak up if they have questions, concerns, or don’t agree with something included in our treatment plan. We will be happy to explain our recommendations and whether there are any alternative solutions available. 

We Respect Our Patients

As a leading home care agency, we believe that in order to provide comprehensive care, our patients and their families must trust the home health aide in West Palm Beach, Florida. Rest assured, our caregivers have the necessary training, certification, qualifications, and experience to provide care and treatment to patients. We seek to protect each patient’s wellbeing, as well as, any information that may be shared in confidence. This means that a patient’s property, lifestyle, and wellbeing will be treated with respect and dignity. It is our goal to ensure that a patient feels safe and cared for. 

We Will Listen To Any Grievances

In the event of a patient, or family member, feeling unhappy with the care provided, or another matter, we appreciate you voicing your concerns. We will listen to what you have to say without reprisal and will look into the matter to ensure it is resolved to the best of our ability. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer in-home care that is supportive, honest, and of a high caliber. If you would like to learn more about our in-home care services, or whether or not a home health aide in West Palm Beach, Florida is right for you, please call Expicare Nursing Agency now.