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Patient Testimonials


Patient Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying About Expicare Nursing

“I am writing to thank you for the excellent care you provided to my mother, Ethel B. this past
year. I would like to commend McKenzie and Janice for their professionalism and their
compassion. Whenever I spoke with them they were very responsive to my concerns and
followed up immediately whenever there was a question or issue. I would not hesitate in the
least in recommending your agency to friends and associates.”
Rita U.

“Each day I watch Ben grow stronger and I know that all of you have been a big part of his
wonderful progress. You have held my hand as well as Ben’s, taking us through the difficult days
as well as the good ones. Our gratitude is endless. Again, thank you.”
Lee and Ben P.

“You have given me the “perfect match.” Beverly has been a joy to have in my home. She is
efficient, cheerful (exactly what I need at my age) caring and very professional. I am looking
forward to her being with me when I return from Vermont.”
Shirley F.

“I want to express my extreme gratitude to Marva J. My mother was a patient of hers. I have
never seen a more dedicated professional. She was very experienced and allowed us all to
participate in that last hour and I want to thank her for this.”
Lizbeth W.

“Expicare was there for me and my family when we needed them. I highly recommend their nursing services to anyone that is in need of their superior care.”
Mary S.

“Dear Expicare,
I would like to send my most sincere thanks to everyone at your agency who participated in any way in the care of my husband, Joe. ALL your staff were exceptionally kind, caring, helpful, supportive, professional and dependable. Your service is worthy of the highest praise and my family and I are enormously grateful, thank-you.”
Sincerely, Maureen T.

“Dear Expicare office staff,
I am well aware that at my mothers age, 87, the odds were against her, but with your help she has made a remarkable recovery and is doing just great!
It was always nice to know that no matter what time of day or night I called your office, there was a friendly and helpful voice at the other end of the line and while I know this is second nature to you folks, it was very comforting to me and my family. So, thank-you all again and I wish you all the very best! ”
Sincerely, Sandy E.

“To the staff at Expicare, Thank-you so much for the delicious honey cake you sent me for the “new year”. It really made me feel like “the traditional holiday” to receive from people who are caring.”
God Bless you all, Pearl D.

Employee Testimonials

“I enjoy working for Expicare because they are honest.”
Anne D.

“I like working for Expicare because of the extended hours they are open and are open on
weekends too!”
Marie D.

“One thing I like about working for Expicare is the 401k that is offered. I also like the affordable
health insurance they provide”

Martha H.

“I enjoy working for Expicare because the company is proactive and is very well known in the community after 28 years in business”
Jean G.

“I like working for Expicare because of the flexible schedule I can work because I also take care of my mother at home”
Susan T.

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