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When To Get an In-Home Elder Care Nurse For Your Loved One

Home Health care West Palm Beach, FLFinding the right care for your loved one is paramount. You may be struggling with whether it is time to get your loved one home health care in West Palm Beach, FL because you may be unsure of whether they are fine on their own or whether you or a loved one can take care of them. However, if your loved one’s health and safety is at-risk in any way, it may be time to start looking for West Palm Beach, Florida home health care. When this is the case, you might not want to send them to an elderly-care facility because this can become extremely costly very quickly, and you likely feel more restricted when it comes to visiting them and ensuring the staff are properly meeting their needs. However, an in-home nurse might be just the right choice for you and your family.

What Are In-Home Nurses?
In-home nurses are caregivers that can come straight to your loved one’s house. They will either be a:

*Registered Nurse (RN), or
*Practical Nurse (LPN)

These nurses and caregivers specifically provide your loved one with the medical assistance they need all in the comfort of their own home. This can be a particularly positive experience for those who would otherwise feel uncomfortable or even unsafe going to a long-term care facility.

What Do In-Home Nurses Do?
An in-home nurse providing home health care in West Palm Beach, Florida has the necessary qualification to administer your loved one with the medications they need, provide injections, dressing and undressing injuries, and helping with health conditions like a colostomy or diabetes. Because your loved one is elderly, they are likely unable to care for themselves on their own when it comes to medical conditions, and an in-home nurse can provide home health care in West Palm Beach, FL. In some cases, the nurse’s facility will even train them on more complicated treatment involving physical therapy and other medical treatments.

What If My Loved One Needs Help With Basic Activities?
Nurses are not necessarily just there to help with medical treatments and care. In many cases, and depending on the facility they come from the elderly patient will also need help with:

*Personal Hygiene, and Dressing

When an in-home nurse is working with their patient on their medical care, they will often provide additional support when it comes to their daily activities, but this is something that should be discussed prior to signing a contract.

What Should I Do If We Need an In-Home Nurse?
If you have already decided that you need one for your loved one—great! However, one of the first steps is to discuss the huge life change with your family member. Discuss the benefits, how it may change their independence, and how it can help them (and your family).

What Else Can an In-Home Nurse Provide?
Because of the frequency of visits, your in-home nurse providing home health care in West Palm Beach, Florida can also provide your loved one with companionship. It is important for your loved one to discuss how they feel both physically and emotionally, and this can relieve a great deal of stress when they have someone to talk with.

Who Can I Contact?
If you would like to set up an appointment today with Expicare Nursing today about getting home health care residents of West Palm Beach, FL trust for your loved one, please reach out to our office at (561)736-1422.