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Home Health Aide Delray Beach, FL

Home Health Aide Delray Beach, FL home health aide Delray Beach, FL

At this point in your loved one’s life, it may be necessary to consider hiring a home health aide in Delray Beach, FL for their comfort and safety. Expicare Nursing Agency offers a staff of specially trained and experienced aides who can care for your family member in their own home. A home health aide plays a critical role in an elder’s life after they reach a milestone that makes it impossible for them to fully care for themselves. A home health aide may also be referred to as a personal attendant or a home attendant. We welcome questions about the care provided by our staff.

The Role of a Home Health Aide in Delray Beach, FL

A home health aide works with families who have an elderly or disabled loved one who wishes to remain in the home but can no longer safely take care of themselves on their own. Circumstances will vary, but a home health aide from Expicare Nursing Agency will follow any doctor’s directives, family instructions and preferences, and address the needs of the loved one. Depending on their needs, tasks that the home health aide in Delray Beach, FL may perform could include any or all of the following:

  •         Assisting the patient with bathing, using the toilet, brushing their teeth, washing their hands, etc.
  •         Monitor blood pressure, breathing rate, pulse, and other critical functions.
  •         Monitor medication usage.
  •         Assisting the patient with mobility around the home.
  •         Transportation to and from doctor’s appointments.
  •         Transportation to and from supermarket and other errand locations. Shopping for the food is also a service we provide.
  •         Healthy meal planning, preparation, and serving.
  •         Basic housekeeping and straightening of the home to ensure safety of the patient.
  •         Change linens and make the bed, doing the laundry.
  •         Emotional support for the patient.
  •         Monitoring of the patient’s physical and mental condition, and providing updates to the family.
  •         At-home physical therapy and physical exercise activities.

When You Hire a Home Health Aide in Delray Beach, FL

A home health aide from Expicare Nursing Agency in Delray Beach, FL will be highly trained to properly care for their patients. They are required to be physically strong and fit in order to lift or hold patients when necessary. They are able to bend, lift, twist, and be on their feet for long periods of time. They are also emotionally strong in order to help patients who are experiencing difficulties or challenges. You can feel confident that a home health aide from our agency is responsible, cheerful, trustworthy, and compassionate. You can count on us to care for your loved one in a loving but professional manner.

Individuals Who Can Benefit from the Services of a Home Health Aide in Delray Beach, FL

Many individuals take advantage of the services offered by a home health aide whether it’s temporary or on a long term or permanent basis. Talk to us about your family’s needs. Expicare Nursing Agency can provide you with a home health aide in Delray Beach, FL under nearly any circumstances, particularly for the following short or long term needs of a patient:

  •         Post-surgery recovery.
  •         Debilitating illness or disease.
  •         Hospice or palliative support.
  •         Dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

Contact us at Expicare Nursing Agency to learn more about how a home health aide from our agency in Delray Beach, FL can be of benefit to your loved one.