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When considering in home health care for their loved one in Delray Beach, FL, families often have many questions about which services may be covered by Medicare. In Florida, the services you receive from an in home health agency may fall under the Medicare demonstration program. If this is the case, either you or the agency may submit a pre-claim review request from Medicare in advance of seeking in home health care services in Delray Beach, FL. This can be helpful in order to understand to what degree Medicare will provide coverage for those services. We encourage you to call us at Expicare Nursing Agency with your questions about this process. Below is some general information about Medicare and coverage for in home health care in Delray Beach, FL, though it is important to clarify and confirm with Medicare about your family’s financial obligations for these services. You can also learn from them if you meet their requirements for in home health care coverage.

In Home Health Care Services in Delray Beach, FL Commonly Covered by Medicare

Medicare hospital insurance falls under Part A and medical insurance falls under Part B. Between these two parts of Medicare, the following in home health care services in Delray Beach, FL are often covered:

  •         Occupational therapy.
  •         Physical therapy.
  •         Speech language pathology services.
  •         Intermittent or part time in home health care provided by an aide.
  •         Intermittent or part time in home skilled nursing care.
  •         Medical social services.

Contact us at Expicare Nursing Agency to learn how we coordinate doctor-ordered services for your loved one when we provide in home health care services in Delray Beach, FL.

What Medicare Does Not Usually Cover

Though there may be exceptions, Medicare usually does not cover the following services:

  •         Meal deliveries to the home.
  •         24-hour-a-day in home health care.
  •         If the only care your loved one needs is help with dressing, bathing, or using the bathroom, these services are considered personal care or custodial care and may not be covered.

Eligibility for Part A and/or Part B Medicare Coverage

To meet eligibility requirements for Medicare coverage under Part A and/or Part B, you must meet all of the following:

  1.       Your loved one must be under the care of a doctor and receiving services under a care plan that a doctor is reviewing on a regular basis.
  2.       A doctor must certify that your loved one requires one or more of the following:

a: Speech language pathology, physical therapy, or another type of continuous occupational therapy service. These services must be safe, specific, and effective for your loved one’s condition. The duration of these services must be reasonable and offered by qualified therapists for reasons of effectiveness and safety. The services must be offered by a Medicare approved or certified in home health care agency in Delray Beach, FL.

i: The condition must be expected to improve within a reasonable and predictable timeframe, or;

ii:Your loved one requires a skilled therapist to effectively and safely address their condition, or;

iii. Your loved one requires a skilled therapist as part of a maintenance program for their condition.

  1.       Your loved one must be doctor-certified homebound. If your loved one needs more than intermittent or part time skilled nursing care.

Contact us at Expicare Nursing Agency to learn more about the in home health care services we offer to Delray Beach, FL families and which may be eligible for Medicare coverage.