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Home Health Care Aide in Delray Beach, Florida

What Is Private Duty Nursing Care?

Private duty nursing care provides skilled healthcare services in a person’s home, hospital, or independent and assisted living facilities. A caregiver will come into your home and help you recover from your illness or surgery and become independent again. Care services may include skilled nursing, physical therapy, wound care, pain management, occupational therapy and medication management. Keep in mind that private duty nurses can do everything aides can do, plus more. If your senior loved one has a medically complicated case or is in a fragile state, they can benefit from having someone with higher education, knowledge, and experience as a licensed clinician.

How Long Will I Receive Private Duty Nursing Care?

Everyone is different. How long you receive caregiver support will depend on various factors, such as your specific health condition, age and overall health. For example, if you are recovering from a minor surgery and are in relatively good health, you may only require caregiving for a couple of weeks. You, along with your doctor and our nursing professionals can help determine how much care you will require.

Do You Have to Be Hospitalized to Receive Private Duty Nursing Care?

No. While many people may receive private caregiver support after they are released from the hospital, it is not a requirement. Many patients are actually referred by their primary care physician. For example, if you need assistance managing your diabetes at home, your doctor may recommend a care nurse.

How Often Will a Caregiver Nurse Visit Me?

Our clients determine what schedules make sense for them and their needs. Nurses can help work with families to determine what care is appropriate for them. Another aspect to know is that private duty caregivers can perform a myriad of tasks, including ostomy care, infusion, hospice care transition, medication administration, wound care, catheter care, vital checks, and more.

What’s the Difference Between Private Duty Care and Hospice Care?

Private duty care provides treatment for injuries and chronic health conditions, like diabetes or heart disease. It may also include personal care services, like bathing, getting dressed and preparing meals. Hospice care, on the other hand, offers supportive care for those with terminal illnesses. Expicare Nursing can provide support and service for clients needing both in home assistance and hospice care.

What Should I Look for in a Home Caregiver Aide?

When looking for a caregiver aide, you want to look for certain qualities. Ideally, the care nurse you choose should be compassionate, patient, experienced, physically fit, flexible and communicative.


Home Health Care Aide Delray Beach, FLIf your elderly loved one has a health issue that prevents him or her from accomplishing everyday tasks, you may have considered hiring a home health care aide Delray Beach, FL. This healthcare professional can come to your family member’s home every day to provide necessary care and assistance. However, how do you choose the right person to care for your loved one? Here are some tips from Expicare Nursing, Inc. for hiring a home health care aide you can trust.

Determine What You Need

Before you hire a home health care aide in Delray Beach, FL, you first have to figure out exactly what your family member needs. Look closely at your loved one’s health issues overall situation. For example, if your loved one has Alzheimer’s, you should find a home health care aide with extensive experience in respite care.

Interview Several Candidates

It is ideal to interview at least several home health care aide candidates before making a hiring decision. A formal interview will help you learn more about each candidate’s qualifications and personality. For example, you may want to ask each candidate how many years of experience they have as a home health care aide, where they received their training, and what they like most about helping others. Also, have your elderly loved one meet every candidate you interview. Pay attention to how each one interacts with your family member. Do they seem genuinely interested in caring for your relative or do they seem to just be going through the motions? It’s important to choose a Delray Beach, FL home health care aide who your loved one feels comfortable around.

Conduct a Background Check

It is a good idea to conduct a background check on the candidate you want to hire. This person will be caring for someone you love, so you want him or her to be trustworthy. However, before you perform a background check, you must get the person’s consent. You can avoid having to do this yourself if you utilize a company, such as Expicare Nursing, Inc., who conduct thorough background checks on all of their employees.

Ask Your Loved One for Input

Remember that you’re hiring a home health care aide for your family member, so he or she should have some say in the matter. After each interview, ask your loved one what he or she thought about the candidate. Find out if your family member liked the individual and if he or she would feel comfortable around him or her.

Be Realistic

While it is important to have high standards when hiring a home health care aide, it’s also important to be realistic. No one you hire will be absolutely perfect. He or she will likely need time off in the future and have to do certain tasks in a particular way. If you keep your expectations where they should be, you will be more satisfied with who you hire to look after your loved one.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to find a suitable home health care aide for your loved one. Don’t try to rush the process. Interview as many candidates as you need until you find someone suitable.

What Home Health Care Aides Can Assist With

Home health care aides can assist with a variety of different tasks and activities. These tasks and activities include critically important things for people as well as simple day-to-day activities. These tasks may include:

  • Assistance with personal hygiene like bathing, getting dressed, and other assistance with personal appearance.
  • Laundry, dishwashing, and other household tasks like tidying up.
  • Meal preparation and planning.
  • Grocery shopping and other shopping needs.
  • Assistance with going to the bathroom.
  • Safe transportation to places.

These are some of the more common things that a home health care aide generally assists with. Some of the more urgent things they can assist with are:

  • Reminding and assisting with medication administering.
  • Ensuring that the person they are assisting has drank enough water and is well hydrated.
  • Ensuring that the person they are assisting eats and has enough to eat.
  • Keeping a close eye on the vital signs of the person they are assisting and keeping track of what they drank, ate, and what medicine they have taken throughout the day.

If you or someone you know are in need of extra help with day-to-day activities that have become too difficult to handle then reach out to a home health care aide in Delray Beach, FL from Expicare Nursing to get the assistance needed today. 

How Home Health Care Aides Make Life Easier for People in Need

Along with helping people in need these aides also serve as a companion and as a vital source of communication. These aides also make it possible for someone who no longer can fully take care of themselves to remain as independent as possible. Many elderly people may have to move into a nursing home or assisted living place. A Delray Beach home health care aide from Expicare Nursing helps make it possible for these people to remain independent and in their homes. Aging is made easier with the help of a home health care aide. Companionship is also something that all people desire. Our home health care aides are happy and ready to care for others in need. We understand the different difficulties that people have to endure on a daily basis which is why we are standing by and ready to assist you or a loved one. 

What is a Day Usually Like for a Home Health Care Aide?

A typical day for a home health care aide will vary from person to person but they generally do a lot of the same activities and tasks. Doing the laundry and ensuring any dirty dishes are cleaned is something that is generally quite common from day to day. Schedule keeping and setting up any appointments with doctors or other medical professionals are also quite commonly conducted. Making sure that the person being cared for has meals and liquids to consume is also something that will need tending to each day. If you or a loved one are in need of extra care then reach out to Expicare Nursing to speak with a home health care aide in Delray Beach, FL today who can assist with activities and tasks that have become too hard to do on your own. 

If you would like to find out how a home health care aide Delray Beach, FL families trust from Expicare Nursing, Inc. can help with your situation, contact our office today.

Pros And Cons of Working With an Agency 

If you have found yourself in the situation of caring for an elderly loved one, then it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a home health care aide Delray Beach, FL families can rely on. As our loved one’s age the level of care they need often can exceed what you can provide. It can be difficult to support your loved ones during this time, but know that you are not alone. The dedicated team at Expicare Nursing understands that this can be a daunting time and if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

One thing that you may not know is if you should go with an agency or a private hire. While there are many experts that will recommend working with a care agency, there are benefits to private hiring as well. Determining which avenue is right for you and your family often comes down to your own priorities and the options available in your loved one’s part of the map. 

4 Pros of Working With an Agency 

  • Candidates are screened. When you work with an agency, they can provide your family with an extra layer of confidence in the credentials and abilities of your home health aid. Typically, agencies vet their workers thoroughly. This typically includes a background and reference check, as well as confirmation of citizenship and any other certifications. This can be difficult to find on your own. 
  • Caretakers are highly qualified. Not only do agencies often offer a larger pool of qualified candidates but they are also invested in providing exemplary candidates. Some agencies even offer ongoing training but that is going to greatly depend on the agency itself. 
  • Agencies assess your needs. There are many agencies that will come meet your loved one and provided a free assessment of potential services. This allows you to know what you can expect from them, and it ensure that your loved one’s needs will be met. It means you can rest easy knowing that a Delray Beach home health care aid will be there for your loved one and provide the care they need.  
  • Easy to swap out an imperfect fit. Now, it is important to know that no matter who you hire they won’t be perfect. They are human after all. However, if your home health aide calls in sick, ends up moving away, or the arrangement isn’t a good fit, then the agency can find a replacement quickly. They will be able to have your back if anything were to happen with your current aide so you wouldn’t have to worry. 

2 Cons of Working With an Agency 

  • They come at a cost. Agencies commonly cost more than independent caregivers. Often times this can be a deciding factor for many people. 
  • May require hour minimums. If your agency is going to send an employee to your loved one’s home, they often are going to have a minimum number of hours per shift. This can be frustrating for anyone who is strapped for cash as it is, especially if your loved ones don’t need that much care as of yet. 

Finding an agency can be hard. If you have any questions about what a Delray Beach home health care aid can provide or questions about the agency, don’t hesitate to contact us at Expicare Nursing today.