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Stroke Program

Stroke Rehab Begins Right Away

Stroke rehabilitation begins once your condition has stabilized — as soon as 24 to 48 hours after your stroke. Early, individualized therapy helps improve your chance of recovery. After leaving the hospital, you’ll continue rehabilitation at an inpatient or an outpatient clinic, a nursing facility, or at home. While some stroke survivors recover fully, others will always have some disability. Your Expicare caregiver will help with the important stretching exercises, guided by your therapist to promote blood flow and regain full range of motion to affected limbs.One of the most important parts of your recovery is relearning daily living skills so that you can be mobile and independent. An occupational therapist (OT) will show you how to work around your disabilities so that you can change your clothes, take a shower on your own, cook, clean, and if possible, drive a car. Your caregiver will also help you set up your home to make it safer and easier to do these essential activities of daily living. Expicare works closely with your therapist, especially the first three months following a stroke, because it is during that period of time that most people make the biggest gains in their recovery. While you safely recover, we are here to help you meet your needs.