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Hospice Care

Hospice Care

When a loved one is in need of hospice care this can be a tremendously stressful and emotional time for all individuals involved. Maintaining the patients wishes and level of physical comfort are just as important as maintaining the level of stability and support of the loved ones around them.

Hospice Care Nurse

Our Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical nurses and certified nursing assistants are all well trained to provide kind and compassionate care while preserving the dignity of the patient. Our nurses work side-by-side with the hospice care professionals to maximize the comfort and level of care your loved ones receive. Our caregivers work to develop a personalized care plan to address the patient’s individual needs as well as the needs of surrounding loved ones.

We provide hospice care and assistence throughout all hospice care facilities in Palm Beach County; as well as providing at-home hospice care services throughout South Florida. For a complete list of hospice facilities we work with please visit our resources section.