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In Home Care South Palm Beach FL

When it comes to the health and well-being of your loved ones, you want to do everything in your power to ensure they have the best of the best. That means you may not be entirely comfortable with taking them to a nursing care institution, and that’s okay. Yet, you can’t spend the time needed to take care of them at home. You have work, family, a social life, and responsibilities of your own.

Not a problem.

Keeping your loved one close to home is much easier with the help of South Palm Beach, FL’s trained and qualified in home care from Expicare Nursing.

What Are the Benefits of Private Duty Nursing Care?

Private duty nursing care allows seniors to remain in the comfort of their own homes. But these services can also be provided for someone residing in a hospital or assisted living facility. A trained professional will come to where they are to assist them with various tasks, such as administering medication, cooking, cleaning and bathing. But a private duty caregiver can also perform other advanced assistance, such as hospice care transition, wound care, after surgery help, ostomy care, infusion care, medication administration, vital checks, cardiac monitoring, and more. Seniors can get the help they need without losing their independence. With private duty care, elderly individuals will also enjoy the advantage of one-on-one assistance. The private duty caregiver doesn’t have to take care of dozens of patients, so your loved one will receive personalized attention.

Another benefit of private duty care is that it can provide companionship. Many elderly people experience loneliness, which can lead to depression. A private duty caregiver can develop a strong bond with your loved one.

Do You Have to Be Very Sick to Get Private Duty Home Nursing Care?

No, this is one of the biggest misconceptions about private duty home nursing care. The truth is that a person doesn’t have to have a chronic illness to receive care in your home. In fact, many private duty care recipients are in relatively good health. Some elderly individuals may just need help with preparing healthy meals, grocery shopping and laundry.

How Long Does Private Duty Home Nursing Care Last?

This varies from individual to individual. There isn’t a specific length of time that this care lasts. For example, if your loved one is recovering from surgery, he or she may just need care for a few weeks. On the other hand, if your family member suffers from a chronic illness, this care may be needed for years.

If You Don’t Like a Caregiver Assigned to You, Can You Request a Change?

Absolutely. Not every caregiver will be the right fit. If your family doesn’t like their caregiver, they have every right to request a different one.

How Do You Know If a Loved One Needs Private Duty Nursing Care?

As people get older, they might have trouble performing tasks that were once easy to them. These tasks may include cooking, cleaning, bathing or taking medication. They may get tired more easily and become forgetful. If this sounds like your family member, it may be time to consider private duty home care. Our caregivers have a high level of education, vast experience, and can oversee even the most delicate and complicated medical cases.

How Do You Talk to Your Family Member About Private Duty Nursing Care?

If you believe your family member needs care, you may feel nervous about having the initial conversation with him or her. Not everyone likes the idea of private duty nursing care at first. However, it is important to have the conversation early and in a quiet location. Tell your loved one that you are concerned about their well-being and think that in private duty care may be beneficial. Discuss all the benefits of this type of nursing care and listen to your family member’s concerns.

Who Are In-Home Care Nurses?

Not just anyone can walk into your loved one’s home and become their caregiver. As stated earlier, you want the best of the best. That’s why you will get the knowledge and expertise of a registered or licensed practical nurse who has the required training and certifications to care for your loved one. In Home Care South Palm Beach FL residents trust that the in home care provided by these qualified nurses will provide the medical assistance your loved one needs on a daily basis.

What Can In Home Care Provide?

What can’t in home care from South Palm Beach, FL provide is a better question to ask. Your nurse will be medically trained to administer medications and injections, as well as supply the proper medical treatments needed. They’ll also provide the support needed to handle your loved one’s ailments, whether it’s diabetes, cataracts, arthritis, kidney and bladder problems, recovery from a personal injury, or anything else.

Your in-home nurse can also help with the basic daily activities your loved one needs to perform, such as bathing, feeding, dressing, mobility (i.e, getting out of a bed, sitting in a chair, getting upstairs, etc.), as well as both personal and bathroom hygiene (grooming, getting on and off the toilet, etc.)

Your loved one may have a long-term disability that prevents them from performing their daily tasks or is just too elderly to care for themselves.South Palm Beach, FL’s in home care is able to medically treat them on a professional level and, more importantly, give them the care and support they need from the comforts of their own home.

When Should I Make the Call?

If your loved one needs the constant medical support and treatments that are typically administered in a hospital, nursing home, or long-term care facility, then the time to call is now. You have the opportunity to make your loved one comfortable at their most uncomfortable time, to give them the proper care and medical treatments they need without compromise. Choosing to keep your loved one at home is a big decision, but will ultimately be the right one with the help of the in home care South Palm Beach, FL residents trust.

As people get older, it is not uncommon for them to slow down and develop certain health issues. However, that doesn’t mean that they must go to a nursing home or other facility. If your elderly loved one had health problems and needs assistance at home, you can hire in-home care South Palm Beach Florida to look after him or her. However, it is important to know what to look for in a nurse.

Here are some characteristics the professionals from Expicare Nursing, Inc. suggest you should look for in home care.


In home care can provide services in many different areas, so it is important to choose someone who has experience with your loved one’s particular condition. For example, if your family member has diabetes, you will want to hire a South Palm Beach, FL in home care professional who has cared for diabetic patients in the past. This way, he or she will know specifically what your loved one will need.


Elderly people with various health issues need constant care and attention. That is why it takes a special kind of person to succeed in home care. They must be very patient and not panic during stressful situations. When you are interviewing candidates for the position, ask them about a difficult situation they’ve experienced with a past client and how they handled it.


It’s also essential for in home care professional to have compassion. They must empathize that their patients are having a tough time and truly want to improve their well-being. The person you hire should have a passion for taking care of others and forming strong relationships with them. Ask the candidates you interview why they chose their profession and how they nurture their patients.


The person you hire for in home care in South Palm Beach, FL will be around your loved one often and have access to his or her belongings. That is why it is critical to choose someone you deem trustworthy. To determine if a candidate is trustworthy or not, conduct a background check on him or her and talk to references.


In home professionals must also be very attentive. They should watch their patients closely and keep an eye out for any physical or emotional changes. For example, they may notice that their patient seems more irritable than usual or can’t move around as well.


For in home care to work, there must be good communication. The person you hire should have both verbal and non-verbal communication skills and understand what your loved one needs. He or she should also be able to keep the lines of communication open with you if there are any changes in your loved one’s condition.

The in home professional you hire will spend a lot of time with your loved one, so it is important to choose the right one. Before hiring someone, make sure that he or she possesses these important characteristics.

Dedicated and experienced professionals who care about your loved one’s well-being. That’s what you’ll get with an in home care from Expicare Nursing.. A licensed medical professional with the knowledge and training to care for your loved one at home, for anything they need from a personal injury recovery or simply cooking a meal for themselves.. You’re giving your loved one the chance to continue living comfortably, and without sacrifice. Don’t wait any longer, call the in home care that is trusted by South Palm Beach, FL residents, Expicare Nursing.

Have frightening reports about elderly abuse in nursing homes made you interested in securing the best in-home care South Palm Beach, FL has to offer? Are you concerned that you won’t be able to monitor your elderly loved one’s progress and treatment if they’re away at a nursing facility? Perhaps you’d feel more at ease if your family member benefitted from in-home treatment. Well, thankfully, Expicare’s registered, certified, and licensed medical staff can help you.

Why Choose Expicare In-home Care?

Sure, there are many agencies providing in-home care for your family member in need, but not all agencies are created equal. Expicare is a step above the rest because we ensure that all of our caregivers are certified, licensed, or registered before they start working. We verify their credentials to tend to your medical and personal care needs before sending them out. What is more, we hope to only hire compassionate, dedicated, timely aides who have a sincere joy for helping those in need. 

Our caregivers can help your loved one with simple needs, such as bathing, shopping, and eating. They can also help with more complicated needs, such as helping an elderly loved one with back pain ease out of bed or get up and down; massaging a relative who suffers from debilitating neck pain; cleaning a family member who can’t clean themselves.

Here at Expicare, we understand that our clients are people who have physical, mental, and emotional needs. Our staff works diligently to be polite, patient, and relatable. We would never think to set foot in your home and do anything that might make you feel uncomfortable or disrespected. No matter the client’s issue, our reputable staff is trained to handle all matters professionally, making us a trustworthy South Palm Beach in-home care service provider. 

What Does In-home Care Include?

Generally, in-home care includes non-medical care, such as helping our clients with sitting, eating, meal prepping, dressing, medication intake reminding, appointment reminding, laundry, and driving around. In-home care does not tend to include anything operative or invasive treatment. In-home care is not provided by medical doctors. Rather, licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants, home health aides and licensed caregivers provide in-home services. Your needs and health issues will influence who is sent out to you.

For example, if your loved one lives with persistent diabetes, they will most likely benefit from the in-home care of a licensed practical nurse. A licensed practical nurse will educate your loved one on how to enjoy a healthier, more satisfying life as they live with diabetes. They’re also proactive if your loved one begins developing bruises, odd spotting, or other visible signs of concerns. Of course, all of our staff are trained to spot potential medical issues and take appropriate steps.

Moreover, securing in-home care near you is a great option if you fear your loved one may start suffering from memory loss or can’t be trusted to make all of their medical appointments. In-home care staff will notice when clients are behaving unusually, worsening, or potentially developing other conditions. Furthermore, in-home care staff can give your family member the time and conversation that you may be too busy to give.