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Home Care Nursing Delray Beach, Florida

Home Care Nursing Delray Beach, Florida

Home care nursing in Delray Beach, Florida covers a wide variety of health, supportive, and social services to help seniors live in their own homes rather than moving to an assisted living community or nursing home. Depending on an aging adult’s needs and medical condition, a caregiver can come to their senior’s home and provide care such as transportation, meal services, home chores and repair, social engagement, delivery services, care management, health care, and other services.

Who Are In-Home Nurses?

Home care nurse, in-home nurse, medical caregiver, or even home health caregiver are the names given to someone who is a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) who provides home care nursing to Delray Beach, FL seniors in the comfort of their own home,

In-home nurses are qualified to:

*Provide numerous medical treatments
*Administer medications
*Give injections and IV treatments
*Provide care related to health conditions including diabetes, respiratory, tracheotomy, colostomy, dressing wounds, and more

These caregivers mostly work in assisting the elderly, disabled, chronically ill, or cognitively impaired by performing essential medical therapies in the patient’s home.

Depending on the patient and their specific health care needs, home care nursing in Delray Beach, FL may provide daily medication administration, monitoring, and check-ups, or more in-depth medical treatments and therapies over a specific time during a recovery process or ongoing illness. Again, a Delray Beach, FL in-home nurse will come to the aging adult’s home and provide the care they require.

But — what if the person in question needs more than just medical care? Maybe they need help going to the toilet or bathing by themselves. Or, perhaps they have mobility issues and need help climbing stairs. Can an in-home nurse help with these activities?

Activities of Daily Living

The answer to the questions above is best satisfied by a discussion of as activities of daily living (ADLs or ADL). ADL is the term healthcare professionals use to describe the types of activities related to daily self-care. Some basic ADL activities are:

*Personal hygiene and grooming
*Bathing or showering
*Toilet hygiene
*Functional mobility (moving from one place to another performing activities such as getting in and out of bed, or a chair)

When considering which things that you or your loved one needs help with, you’ll need to identify whether the activities are mostly medical or more ADL.

Plus, there are other types of daily living activities that are not necessarily fundamental but necessary and related to independent functioning. These are called instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). IADLs typically refer to the following types of activities:

*Preparing and cooking meals
*Maintaining and cleaning the home
*Running errands (moving within the community)
*Shopping and buying necessities
*Taking prescribed medications
*Managing finances and money
*Communicating on the phone or through other means

ADLs and IADLs refer to non-medical types of tasks (except for administering medications). You’ll likely want to determine where you or your loved one need the most help and then identify whether those needs are mostly medical, ADL, or IADL needs. If you need clarification and assistance contact a home care nursing Delray Beach, FL families rely on like Expicare Nursing to get more information and answers for your unique situation.