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In-Home Health Care Services Boynton Beach, FL

In-Home Health Care Services in Boynton Beach, Florida

In-Home Health Care Services Boynton Beach, FLAre you considering in-home health care services Boynton Beach, FL families rely on? When making decisions for either yourself or an aging loved one, you will likely consider retaining in-home nursing care or becoming a nursing home resident. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each will be important when making such a critical life decision. At Expicare Nursing, Inc, we are dedicated to providing our clients with premier home health services they can depend on. Aging in place is often an attractive option, and we can help with coordinating quality in-home care you can rely on.

Nursing Homes
Nursing homes provide long term services to those in need of care. There are several options available depending upon the type of care needed. Long term care facilities can include retirement communities, assisted living, and nursing homes. Should your aging loved one require medical care, meals, and 24-hour onsite support, a nursing home may be your best option. The following offers advantages and disadvantages to choosing a nursing home for your loved one:

It can be a difficult decision to place an aging person in a nursing home. However, when you find a qualified facility, there are several advantages:

Medical care and supervision that is available 24 hours a day
Recreational facilities that offer daily activities and the opportunity for residents to socialize with one another
When you properly research facilities, you can have assurances that you are choosing quality care for your child
Family members who are overwhelmed and unable to provide full-time care can access all of the resources that a nursing home provides

While a nursing home certainly offers a variety of advantages, home health care in Boynton Beach, FL shares that, in some cases, when improper care is administered, the results can be disastrous:

Nursing homes are incredibly expensive, and the costs can be challenging for someone to afford
Nursing homes are often understaffed which can result in employees who are overworked and are not properly trained
Nursing home facilities may not be conveniently located, making it challenging to see them as frequently as you should
When staff are overworked and undertrained, the possibility of abuse occurring is high
When sharing space with other residents, the chance of contracting illnesses and infections is high, which could be detrimental for patients

In-Home Care
In-home health care is made up of a vast array of services that can range based on your loved one’s needs. As a person begins to age, it may become challenging to carry out everyday duties, and, in some cases, additional medical assistance may be needed. Services can range from in-home services to personal care, medical assistance, and even staff that can provide socialization throughout a person’s day. Advantages and disadvantages include:

Accessing in-home healthcare offers many options for elderly clients, including:

Most people would like the opportunity to remain in their home as they age and in-home care allows for aging loved ones to age in place
You can have care customized based upon the needs of your loved one
In-home care can provide your loved ones with the ability to age while in the comforts of their home
The elderly are particularly susceptible to illness in nursing homes, in-home care can safeguard them from the risk of illness and infection
Home care is typically more affordable than residential facilities such as a nursing home

Although your loved one may request to remain in their home while weighing options, it’s critical to consider the disadvantages you may face:

The home may need to be equipped with features such as handicap railings, chairlifts and more
Your loved one may have a difficult time having a caregiver that they do not know come into their home
Your loved one may be isolated from others if they do not have specific services in place that allow for socialization

When weighing your options, you will likely find in-home health care services to be the most viable. Not only is it affordable, but it also allows you the ability to customize treatment and care for your loved one.

We know that when making decisions for your loved ones, you will certainly want to act in their best interest. While there are pros and cons to each type of care that you choose, you will find that by choosing in-home care, you can assure that your loved one will be able to remain comfortable in the familiar settings of their home. Expicare Nursing Inc. can help you, your loved one and your family prepare for next steps by providing you with the care that you can rely on. To get started with exploring in-home healthcare services in Boynton Beach, Florida, give us a call as soon as possible.