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In-Home Health Services West Palm Beach, FL

In-Home Health Services West Palm Beach, FL

In-Home Health Services West Palm Beach, FLChoosing in-home health services West Palm Beach, FL families rely on may be the best way to provide your aging loved one with the opportunity to age in place. This is often a preferred option for aging seniors and their families. Having a clear understanding of the signs that might indicate the need for care will be critical, as you and your family can be proactive regarding the decision-making process moving forward. When considering in-home care versus nursing home care, it’s helpful to understand each’s pros and cons. Many do not realize that in-home care is more attainable than you may have thought initially. When proceeding with this process, choosing a nursing agency such as Expicare Nursing, Inc, may be beneficial to ensure that you receive educated, dedicated, and quality staff to care for your loved one.

Reasons to Choose a Nursing Agency
Aging in place is when a person can remain in their home as they grow older. It should come as no surprise that when given a choice, many wish to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Staying at home provides a person with a sense of comfort and familiarity while also allowing them to maintain independence. It may be surprising to learn that in-home care can be a more attractive and affordable option than a nursing home. Here are some reasons to choose a nursing agency when considering in-home care or, a home health aide in West Palm Beach, FL, for your loved one:

Home healthcare agencies can help identify your loved one’s care needs and assist in providing skilled personnel to care for them.
The agencies conduct background checks and ensure proper training and credentials, which can help ensure that your loved one receives the best care possible.
They can help create a customized care plan for your aging loved one that best suits their needs.
If your family member has been injured or requires medical care, they can recover in a comfortable, healthy, and safe environment with home health services.

When planning for this next stage of life, we know that you will want your loved one to be as happy and healthy as they can. This is all something that can be achieved while a person remains in their home.

Know the Signs
The reality that your loved one is aging and requires assistance can be challenging to come to terms with. However, being able to recognize the signs will be necessary. This is especially true because it will give you and your family the time required to determine what happens next:

Signs that the bills are not being paid such as calls from collections or late notices
Signs of malnutrition, empty food cabinets, expired food, or missed meals
Difficulty conducting normal daily activities
The home has fallen into disrepair, untidy and not taken care of
Signs of poor hygiene
Loss of interest in social activities
Mood changes
Frequently having falls or accidents that result in injury

Having these conversations with an aging loved one can be incredibly challenging to navigate. However, by failing to have an open discussion, your loved one could be at risk for further harm.

When you have an aging parent or family member, allowing them to age in place can provide several benefits. Not only do they have the ability to remain in their home, surrounded by their belongings, but they can also continue to have some level of independence. This often can significantly improve a person’s overall quality of life. To learn more about the benefits provided through our in-home health services in West Palm Beach, Florida, contact Expicare Nursing, Inc.