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Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse

Job Description

Position Summary:

Assess plans and delivers nursing care in collaboration with professional Registered Nurses.

Performs with opportunity for independent judgment under general supervision. Performs somewhat difficult and responsible work requiring scientific training or experience involving considerable knowledge of a special and complex subject matter, procedure, practice or of the profession, are or science involved.

Minimum Position Specifications:
Education and Experience
Post High School specialty training 1 year, 2 year, 12 months
License – Licensed Practical Nursing in the State of Florida
Certified – Basic Life Support

Position requires regular contract with others within or outside the hospital. Contracts of involved some explanation and interpretation of information or policies.

Working Condition and Physical Demands
Physical effort involving able average standing, sitting, walking or detail work. Occasional risk injury due to hazards.

Job Duties

  • Assumes self responsibility for all direct patient care activities as indicated by the Registered Nurse within the scope of the Nurse Practice Act and the Home Health Care policies and procedures.
  • Gives direct patient care according to the therapeutic plan and individual patient needs as directed be the patient care plan.
  • Provides appropriate information to assist the Registered Nurse in the preparation and maintenance of an effective patient care plan.
  • Records an the patient’s official record a detailed report of care given which reflects the therapeutic plan and specific aspects of the patient care plan.
  • Reinforces instructions given to the patient by the physician and Registered Nurse and refers new needs for instruction to the Registered Nurse.
  • May administer prescribe medications to patients under the specific policies and procedures.
  • Performs selected prescribe treatment and nursing measures for the patient under specific guidelines.
  • Notifies the Registered Nurse of significant findings or changes in the patient’s physical or mental conditions.
  • Initiates C.P.R. procedures when there is a sudden cessation of heart beat or respirations.
  • Initiates emergency assistance as per policies and procedures.
  • Asks questions when in doubt for clarification by the Registered Nurse.
  • Acts as a role model for ancillary personnel.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of the patient’s clinical records.
  • Attends staff development programs as related to the Home Health Care and current practices in nursing.
  • Practices within the limits of the Nurse Practice Act and understands legal consequences of nursing action.
  • Involves patient and/or family in care of patient as appropriate.
  • Interacts effectively with other members of the Health Care Team.
  • Keeps skills up to date and increases knowledge and productivity.
  • Participated in nursing conferences.
  • Seeks educational opportunities to increase clinical competency.
  • Insures privacy for patient and confidentiality of condition and personal information.
  • Preparing and recording clinical notes for the clinical records.
  • Reporting any changes in the patient’s condition to the case manager.
  • Performing assigned act, including the administration of treatments and medications, in the care of the patient.
  • Other duties as may be assigned.