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Live In Elderly Care Boca Raton FL

Live In Elderly Care Boca Raton FL Live In Elderly Care Boca Raton FL

When elderly loved ones get older, family members may consider hiring live in elderly care in Boca Raton FL to provide assistance. An in-home nurse may also be referred to as a home health caregiver, home care nurse, or medical caregiver. This type of nurse is registered or licensed to practice nursing for patients who need Boca Raton FL live in elderly care from Expicare Nursing Agency. Many seniors prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home, even if this means they have to hire a medical professional to make visits so they can have their needs attended to on a recurring basis. 

Services In Home Care Nurses Provide

In home care nurses can perform medical treatments like injections and medications for a variety of conditions. An in home care nurse can provide support related to respiratory, colostomy, tracheotomy, diabetes, and wound care. Our Boca Raton FL live in elderly care at Expicare Nursing Agency provides experienced staff who are able to support those who are disabled, elderly, chronically ill, or otherwise have impairments. 

Depending on the patient and his or her needs, an in home nurse can provide health monitoring, check-up care, a sense of companionship, and more. An in home nurse can come by for a specific duration of time or as ongoing support. 

When More Than Medical Care is Needed

Perhaps your senior family member requires more support than just medical care. In such cases, you may want to consider hiring a health caregiver who focuses on helping with things like mobility and grooming or other activities of daily living (ADL). We can help you decide whether an in-home care nurse, general caregiver, or live in elderly care based in Boca Raton, Florida is needed for your loved one. Other basic ADL activities can include: 

  • Self-feeding
  • Getting dressed
  • Mobility
  • Toilet hygiene
  • Bathing/showering
  • Personal hygiene

Other Types of Daily Living Activities

There are ADL and IADL activities. The latter stands for instrumental activities of daily living. When consulting with us about providing Boca Raton FL live in elderly care for your senior relative, we may ask about what ADL and IADL activities your loved one can perform on their own, and which they need help with. Examples of IADL tasks can entail things like: 

  • Preparing and cooking meals
  • Maintaining a clean home environment
  • Shopping, running errands, and buying necessities for living
  • Managing finances and keeping up with bills
  • Being able to use the phone, particularly in an emergency
  • Taking medications as prescribed by a doctor

Home caregivers can provide the above non-medical related services for senior loved ones. If your family member needs support with light cleaning duties, toileting, grooming themselves and making food, then you may consider a Boca Raton FL live in elderly care provider. It isn’t uncommon for home caregivers and nurses to also offer a sense of companionship to senior loved ones, especially if they live alone. 

There are so many benefits to hiring an in-home nurse or caregiver for ADL or IADL tasks from Expicare Nursing Agency. Please contact us today for live in elderly care in Boca Raton FL so we can share with you more about our services!