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Nursing Agency Delray Beach, FL

Nursing Agency Delray Beach, FL

When you are looking for ways to take care of your loved one in advanced age, you may be looking into a Delray Beach, FL nursing agency like Expicare Nursing Agency, Inc. Is it best to place them in a nursing home? Is it even possible to have them stay in their own home? Thankfully, there are many in-home nursing care options for your elderly loved one, and if you are looking to get in touch with an in-home nursing agency today with questions or to set up a consultation, look no further! We provide those in advanced age with the proper care they need when it comes to ensuring their physical safety and making sure they are on the right track medically. To see how our Delray Beach, Florida nursing agency can become a part of your family, please call our office now.

What kind of services should I expect you to provide?

When it comes to your loved ones, we want to make sure we treat them the way we would want someone treating our family members. We provide the medical care they need whether it is because of an injury, and accident, or because of a disease. While an in-home companion can be a wonderful help to your elderly family member, they are not properly trained in the medical field if something goes wrong or to administer medication and treatments. However, a member of our nursing agency in Delray Beach, FL can:

  • Administer medications.
  • Provide injury and wound care, including help with ventilators and tube feedings.
  • Help care for people with seizures and other life-threatening illnesses.
  • Properly document and alert caregivers and primary physicians if there are any changes in the patient’s physical, mental, or emotional symptoms.
  • Provide hospice care.

Having someone from a Delray Beach, FL nursing agency can also provide your elderly loved one with a form of companionship that they might not be able to get if their family lives out of town. This companionship during visits can do wonders for their emotional health.

Why choose an in-home nurse over a nursing home?

There are many benefits to using us for your in-home nurse needs. While a nursing home is not a bad option for many people, an in-home nurse provides your elderly loved one with individualized and specialized care that they would not be able to get in a setting where one nurse takes care of multiple people. Additionally, never underestimate the importance of keeping your elderly loved one in a place that is familiar to them. When they are placed in an unfamiliar setting, they can quickly begin to withdraw from others and they may feel more stress and anxiety. Additionally, if they have any pets, they would likely not be able to bring them to the nursing home. By remaining at their home with an in-home nurse, they can continue to take care of their furry friend in the same environment.

Determining how to take care of your loved one as they age can be a stressful task, but with the help of an in-home nurse, we can ensure your loved ones get the medical attention they need so you can take care of the rest. For more information about a nursing agency Delray Beach, Florida residents trust, contact Expicare Nursing Agency Inc.