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Nursing Agency Delray Beach, FL

Nursing Agency Delray Beach, FL

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Karen Kelly and Deborah Morley founded Expicare Nursing Agency 35 years ago, a Delray Beach, FL nursing agency, with the goal of improving the lives of the elderly in their community through quality nursing care. With their extensive previous experience in nursing prior to founding the agency, Karen and Deborah used their combined expertise and high standard for customer service to create one of the highest rated companies in quality home, hospital and hospice care in the region. More than three decades later, Karen and Deborah continue that mission with the support of a dedicated staff and a top flight of nurses, bringing quality, affordable elder care to the Palm Beach County community.

Expicare nursing agency in Delray Beach, FL will tell you that in the majority of cases, nursing homes are the wrong choice for seniors. This may even be the case for those who are suffering from serious medical issues. There are some situations where a nursing home is the right choice, for example, cases where the senior requires around-the-clock medical care. However, in most cases, the senior does much better if they live at home with in-home elderly nursing assistance. This may be an option even if your loved one is suffering from certain medical conditions that most people assume can only be handled in a nursing home. Expicare, a Delray Beach, FL nursing agency provides you with common reasons why people think seniors should be placed in a nursing home instead of remaining in their own home.

The Senior Is Very Independent

When a senior has been independent for their adult life, placing them in a nursing home can be the worst thing for them. The structure of a Florida nursing home may clip the senior of their freedom and independence which may cause a significant negative impact on their emotional and physical condition.

In-home elder nursing assistance provided by a Delray Beach, FL nursing agency can provide the family peace of mind to their loved one’s safety. The services a nursing agency like Expicare offers can still allow the senior to do the things they are used to doing, without needing permission or following the schedule set in place by a nursing home.

The senior is also still able to protect their privacy, not having to share their living quarters with complete strangers the way nursing home patients do. They can eat, sleep, and entertain whenever they want, yet still have the benefit of a Delray Beach, FL nursing agency to ensure their safety.

When the Senior Needs Social Interaction and Stimulation

Walk into any nursing home and you will tragically find many patients sitting in wheelchairs placed in front of televisions for the day, with next to nothing for stimulation. Their social interaction is limited to recreational activities offered by the nursing home. However, these programs cannot compare to the wide scope of activities a senior still living in their own home, with the assistance of a nursing agency offered in Delray Beach, FL have at their disposal.

When the Senior Wants to Live in Their Own Home

No matter how nice a nursing home facility may be, nothing compares to the senior’s own home. This is where they feel the safest, have decades of memories, and have the most control over their lives. Additionally, their home provides them with comforts that cannot be duplicated such as their own furniture and décor.

Nursing homes usually have the feel of a hospital, stark and sterile, regardless of what the staff may hang up on the wall. The furniture is often hospital-like, and the beds have bed rails and restraints. There is nothing “homey” about this environment. A Delray Beach, FL nursing agency can assist you by providing services that allow your loved one to stay in their home, giving them the ability to retain the comforts they are accustomed to.

To find out if in-home elder nursing home care is an option for your family, contact Expicare, a Delray Beach, FL nursing agency residents trust today.