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Nursing Agency in West Palm Beach Florida

Nursing Agency West Palm Beach FLThere are concerning indications that present themselves as your loved one ages. However, when issues are dangerous, frequent, or severe, such signs should be carefully monitored to determine whether or not it’s time to consider in-home care options provided by Nursing Agency West Palm Beach FL. The vast majority of seniors want to age in place and remain in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own homes as long as possible.

When exploring whether or not it may be time for care, be aware that many mild to moderate physical problems or other concerns may be resolved satisfactorily without removing the aging adult from their home. In-home care services by a nursing agency in West Palm Beach, FL range from part-time to full-time to live-in. Caregivers and medical professionals can often fill a need that brings peace of mind to you and your family members.

However, more severe and demanding conditions, such as significant physical limitations and dementia, may mean the time has come for heightened care options. To make a determination, look for a senior’s potential care needs, including household maintenance, personal care, physical concerns, emotional, and mental matters. Some things to look at include:

Self-Care Concerns

Seniors may not be eating correctly and fail to maintain their weight. Or, they could have poor personal hygiene. If these issues are due to their inability to do self-care tasks or that they feel unsafe or vulnerable in settings such as the shower or tub, it is a sign that some home care assistance from a West Palm Beach, FL nursing agency is needed.

Condition of the Home or Yard

If the lawn or the home are neglected, your loved one may need a higher level of care. Furthermore, if the yard and house are untidy and cluttered, seniors may be putting themselves in the way of falls and other harms. Assess the home and yard, and then consider whether or not this neglect is a sign of depression, the inability to perform these tasks physically, or something else. Before considering senior care in a facility, look into hiring an in-home caregiver, part-time housekeeper, or another service provider to tidy up.

Behavioral Concerns

Behavioral concerns may indicate that a senior needs a higher level of assistance. Some of these may include:

Signs of dementia
Aggression, angry, or uncharacteristic behavior
Isolating themselves

Signs of depression may include:

Over-consumption of medications
Excessive sleeping
Under or overeating
Neglecting self-care
Leaving household chores undone

Depression is a clinical illness that won’t go away on its own. However, if this is the only issue you can hire psychological professionals to help. However, if depression is mild, a companion or caregiver can fulfill the role of a support system.

If you’re just not sure whether or not your assessment of your loved one’s needs necessitates professional care, contact Expicare Nursing Agency, a nursing agency West Palm Beach, FL families recommend about your loved one. Hiring in-home care could put a lot of your worries to rest. It can also ensure that the aging adult is well-cared for and can age in place comfortably and healthily.