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Long-term Care

Benefits of Pet Therapy for Dementia Patients

There’s a new phenomenon circling through the aging healthcare community: those who are living with dementia are finding a new lease on life through pet therapy. By spending time with a furry friend, patients are reaping massive health and wellness benefits.The following are just a few benefits of pet therapy! Improved Mood Being around small animals can cause an improved…

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Five Ways to Help Quell Loneliness in Seniors

According to a University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) study, over 40% of seniors regularly experience feelings of loneliness. Yet, just because seniors are entering into their golden years, does not always mean they have to live with feelings of loneliness. The following will look at five easy ideas to help quell loneliness in seniors. Enlist the help of a…

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Four Common Senior Phone Scams

It seems with the dawn of the smartphone, there has been a growing threat sweeping the nation: phone scams. These fake calls are initiated to disrupt the day and separate unknowing victims from their money. Conversely, these scams are often targeted at the elderly. By spreading awareness, you can protect your loved one from these potential scammers.The following are four…

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Why Are Senior Citizens Susceptible to Fake News?

When it comes to disinformation, there is no demographic more vulnerable than the elderly. A 2019 study conducted by Princeton found that “users over 65 shared nearly seven times as many articles from fake news domains” than their younger counterparts. The study showed that the findings were correlated solely through age. Contrary to popular opinion, it was not skewed to…

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