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Elderly Home Care West Palm Beach, FL

Elderly Home Care West Palm Beach, FL

Elderly Home Care West Palm Beach, FLElderly home care West Palm Beach, FL residents recommend may be one of your top considerations if you or a loved one is interested in remaining in their home. While some might put the time and energy into developing a plan before additional care is needed, others may find themselves considering the option when the time comes. Recognizing the signs that your loved one may need assistance will be critical to making a plan before the situation becomes dire. At Expicare Nursing, Inc., we know that you will have a wide range of care options but, there are many benefits to aging in place. We not only can present our clients with available options but help with making the process of finding care for your loved one less overwhelming.

Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs Assistance
Whether you or a loved one require extra assistance, sometimes, it can be challenging to come to terms with the often challenging reality of aging. Sometimes, it can be hard for an aging person to reach out for help. Recognizing the signs that your loved one may need additional in-home support may be critical to their overall health and well being. Here are some signs that may indicate there is a need:

They are having difficulty moving through their daily routine
Their appearance is unkempt
Their home is in disrepair, or regular maintenance has been neglected
The housework has been neglected
Bills are left unpaid
You notice your loved one seems confused or forgetful, often asking the same questions repeatedly
There are potential safety hazards that may pose challenges
They are isolating themselves from others

Our home health aide in West Palm Beach, FL, knows that watching an aging person show signs that they are struggling can be tough to witness. However, taking action will be one of the best things you can do for them. Start by having a gentle yet honest conversation with them regarding your concerns. They may be open to seeking assistance through home health services as a way to remain safe and well cared for in their home.

Why Choose to Age in Place?

While many believe that having in-home care is incredibly expensive, it’s an affordable option that can be tailored to your loved one based on their needs. Assisted living facilities are far more costly and can quickly drain a person’s savings and assets. Often, developing a care plan that allows aging people to stay at home can offer incredible benefits, including:

More cost-effective

The opportunity to create customizable options
Assistance with supporting improved quality of life through:
Medication Management
Nutritional Assistance
One on one Care
Help with Light Housework
Less risk of developing depression or feelings of homesickness
Reduced risk of infection or disease (which can be more prevalent in nursing homes)
Allows a person to remain in their home surrounded by their personal belongings

While remaining in the home may be the hope of both your family and your loved one, this can become difficult to do without help. Caring for a loved one is a significant undertaking. This can often result in caregiver fatigue, which can be incredibly impactful on all who are involved. With a home health aide, families can have peace of mind knowing that their loved one is well taken care of in their home.

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