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In Home Caregiver West Palm Beach, FL

In Home Caregiver in West Palm Beach, Florida

In Home Caregiver West Palm Beach, FLAging can take a toll on an elderly loved one’s independence. It can be difficult to watch them slowly get older, slowly become more forgetful, needing assistance to do the tasks that they had no problems completing just a few years ago. It can be hard for a Florida senior to admit that they are losing their independence and need help because they often feel frustrated at not being able to still do these things for themselves. If you are noticing these changes in your elderly loved one, it may be time to looking into bringing an in home caregiver West Palm Beach, Fl families trust to help.
While it may be hard for a senior to admit they could use help, family recognizing that need can actually help their loved one stay independent – and safe. The fear of many seniors is that they will have to go live in a nursing home, but the truth is that having someone come in and assist them can prevent or delay that decision.

Some of the signs that indicate a home health aide West Palm Beach, FL residents turn to may be the help that is needed are:
· Changes in personal hygiene habits are a warning that your loved one may need help. If they are bathing or showering less frequently, wearing the same clothes for several days in a row, and showing less interest in their personal appearance (i.e. combing hair, brushing teeth), it may be time to have someone come in to help them.
· Changes in how clean their home is also another sign they may need help. If a once tidy home now has thick dust on furniture, unvacuumed rugs, dirty floors, and piles of clutter, your loved one may be having a hard time keeping with daily chores that were once routine for them.
· Changes in their mobility and how they get around can be frustrating for your loved one, as well as dangerous, making them more susceptible to falls.
· Changes in weight can be a sign that it is getting harder for your loved one to prepare their own meals. Another sign is a lack of fresh food or food that has gone bad frequently found in the refrigerator. Your loved one may also be having a difficult time getting to the store to purchase groceries.
· Changes in memory and forgetfulness is often a sign of dementia. This can be unsafe if your loved one lives on their own. They may forget to take their medication or take the wrong amount or forget to turn off the stove when they are done cooking. Another sign of memory issues if there are past due bills they haven’t paid or they seem confused when you talk to them sometimes.

If your elderly loved one is experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to talk to them about having someone come in to help. Call Expicare Nursing to find out how an in home caregiver in West Palm Beach, FL can help your loved one stay independent and living in their own home.