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A Good Fit? Determining if a Loved One’s Home Health Caregiver is Suitable

A Good Fit? Determining if a Loved One’s Home Health Caregiver is Suitable

When you work with an agency like Expicare Nursing, Inc., you know that you will be working with a reputable company and a compassionate, skilled home health caregiver. But not all organizations provide highly qualified nor empathetic caregivers.

How do you know if the caregiver is truly a good fit for your loved one?

First of all, a few important key traits that any caregiver should possess are honesty, accountability, reliability, and enthusiasm for his or her work. A caregiver needs to be able to take control of a situation and show good judgment in determining which action is in the best interest of the client. If the caregiver helping your loved one possesses these qualities, you can feel confident that the individual meets some of the most important, fundamental requirements.

Key Questions

Now, let’s get more specific about the interaction between the caregiver and your loved one. Below are a few key questions to consider to help you determine whether or not the caregiver is a good fit.

  • Does your loved one feel comfortable with the caregiver? What is his or her opinion?
  • Is the caregiver attentive to your loved one? Is the caregiver focused on improving the life of your loved one?
  • Does the caregiver demonstrate a positive attitude and kindness with your loved one?
  • Is the caregiver reliable and does he or she demonstrate consistent attendance and performance?

Determining if a caregiver is appropriate can be challenging if your loved one is unable to understand or fully communicate opinions. Use your intuition to determine if the caregiver is doing a good job caring for your loved one.

  • Check for signs that indicate your loved one may not be thriving. Do you seen any signs that your loved one is withdrawing?

Unannounced Visit

After considering the aforementioned questions, make an unannounced visit when your loved one is being cared for by the caregiver.

  • During this visit, review the care plan with the caregiver. Is the caregiver following the plan? If not, why? There should not be any changes to the plan unless they have been approved by you or another key person involved in the loved one’s care.


While it’s mostly about the relationship between the caregiver and your loved one, the caregiver also needs to show strong communications skills.

  • Does the caregiver effectively communicate with you or other family members of the loved one? Communication is a critical piece of an ongoing relationship between the caregiver, agency, and the family.


The home health care agency plays a critical role as well. They are responsible for identifying, interviewing, conducting background checks, hiring, negotiating rates, compensating, and monitoring the performance of their employees.

  • Does the home health care agency check up on their employees? Quality checks are important to make sure that the caregiver is providing appropriate care according to the plan and in alignment with the agency’s standards.


We hope these questions help you confirm that the caregiver is a good fit. However, if you feel that the caregiver may not be suitable, it’s important to contact the agency promptly.

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