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Great Gift Ideas for Your Aging Loved Ones

Great Gift Ideas for Your Aging Loved Ones

Great Gift Ideas for Your Aging Loved OnesAs we approach the holidays, we think about the special gifts we can give our loved ones to demonstrate our affection. In the case of our elderly loved ones, perhaps the most precious gift you can provide is time — making time to spend together. Sharing a meal, taking a walk, or just having a gentle conversation can be wonderful for your loved one.

In addition to spending quality time together, we have a few other suggestions for thoughtful gifts to bring more pleasure into your loved one’s life.

    • Create picture albums with old and new photos to remind your loved one of many happy life experiences.
    • Give your loved one DVDs of favorite TV shows or movies from the 40s or 50s to bring back memories.
    • Craft homemade gifts. Or better yet, bring the supplies and make a simple craft with your loved one.
    • Make a compilation of favorite songs from the 40s or 50s on CD or an easy-to-operate iPod shuffle device for joy of music.
    • Purchase a simple lap desk with a book holder and side pockets for glasses, snacks, tissues, etc.
    • Surprise your loved one with a terrarium that provides beauty and requires minimal care.
    • Organize special visits from a therapy dog. These loving animals give so much attention and affection.
    • Wrap up a couple of large-print crossword puzzle or game books to entertain and delight.
    • Give gift certificates to a salon or spa on the premises or nearby for pampering.
    • Present your loved one with a Nintendo WII or similar system to allow him or her to participate virtually in sports that he or she may no longer be able to play (ie: bowling, golf, dance.)

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