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Fall Prevention

Fall related injuries are one of the most serious concerns for adults 65 and older. When an aging senior experiences a fall related injury, the fall can affect their physical abilities but also their overall wellbeing. In many cases, after experiencing a fall, some seniors become fearful of falling again which can lead to even greater problems.

When an aging senior becomes too cautious of falling, they quickly begin to spend more time in bed, on the couch, or in their favorite chair. They lose the motivation to go on leisurely walks, are afraid to take the stairs, or even go out with friends to their favorite restaurant. There are many concerns for seniors who choose a lifestyle that is increasingly homebound and more sedentary because they are afraid to fall; they will notice a decrease in overall fitness, they will lose muscle mass, and the results can also lead to increased isolation and even depression.

So how can your aging loved one stay safe at home with more motivation and confidence?

Many families hire professional home caregivers who can assist with the activities of daily living. Hiring a professional home caregiver will help decrease the chances of experiencing a fall related injury. A professional caregiver is trained to look for ways to be of service to your loved one and in the home. Professional home caregivers are there to assist with light housekeeping and they are alert to hazards that might cause a fall like clutter, spills, rugs and stairs. Not only is a professional caregiver there to assist and supervise your aging loved one during the activities that could lead to falling like bathing, dressing, and transferring, but a professional caregiver is also there to help motivate your loved one to do the activities they once enjoyed before their initial fall.

It’s good to remember that a professional home caregiver can supervise activities at home, but they can also transport your loved one to physical therapy or to an exercise class where your loved one can enjoy physical activity with other seniors and healthcare professionals.

A professional caregiver can also prepare nutritious meals, which can help your loved one feel more alert and energetic. A nutritious meal prepared by a professional caregiver will help ensure that your loved one is getting the proper portions and nutrients they need to have a healthy, balanced day.

When your aging loved one and a home care nurse Boynton Beach, FL trusts begin to form a relationship built with trust, you will notice an increase in the confidence and motivation of your loved one. You will see a new interest to do the activities they once enjoyed and a new friend to lean on!

Thanks to Expicare Nursing for their insight into home care and preventing falls.