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How Therapeutic Laughter Can Guide Seniors Through Aging

How Therapeutic Laughter Can Guide Seniors Through Aging

private duty nursing in Delray Beach, FLWithin the process of aging, it’s important to do everything to ensure health and longevity. This could be scheduling time for regular exercise, eating a wholesome meal, always making sure to take medications with regularity, and having private duty nursing in Delray Beach, FL. Yet, there’s another little known secret to maintaining health through aging: laughter.

It’s true, laughter may be the best medicine. It has been said that laughter can add years to your life. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that a consistent chuckle can reduce stress levels, improve heart health, and even lower your blood pressure. The following article will explain why laughter is a great form of therapy for senior citizens and how to incorporate laughter therapy into your life.

It’s All in the Neuropeptides

Laughter boosts the immune system through neuropeptides. These are specific protein molecules which interact with neurons. This interaction follows: the neuropeptides are activated through neurons, and then influence both the brain and the body.

It was acclaimed neuropharmacologist Candice Pert who revealed the connection between emotions and the immune system. Apparently there are neuropeptide-specific receptors which will affect the body through the act of laughter. Laughing will bring an emotional response of happiness and this will create a positive difference within the body’s immune system.

Laughter Therapy in Practice

A great way to partake in laughter therapy is to simply schedule the time to make yourself laugh. Although this may feel like a silly practice, the benefits far outweigh the costs!

Place yourself in situations that humor can be found. This could be a comedy show, a night with friends, or a weekly screening of standup. Another great way to practice regular laughter therapy is to find time to spend with children, as their joy is often infectious.

For those who really want to take advantage of regular chortling, there are laughter therapy programs all over the nation. One offshoot takes the form of Laughter Yoga. This practice takes the holistic properties of yoga and incorporates a healthy dose of chuckling.

A certified laughter yoga teacher named Erika Ruiz states that laughter is bringing new life into her elderly patients. She finds that regular laughing can help lower blood pressure. It’s status as an aerobic activity gives her patients a better control over their own energy flow. She states that “through laughter, my patients get motivated and feel more energized.”

Thanks to Expicare Nursing for their insight into in-home care and therapeutic laughter.