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The Importance of Independence in Seniors

As we age, we go through a myriad of changes. Our bodies shift, our day to day existence transforms, and we enter into our golden years. These changes are a natural component of aging, and according to a home health care professional from Expicare Nursing, many seniors gladly welcome this shift in life.

Yet, one change that most seniors would prefer to avoid, is a change in independence. In fact, maintaining independence is one of the main tenets that many seniors clasp onto.

What’s so important about senior independence?

Whether it be the keys to the car, the ability to live in their home, or the joy of running errands, many seniors prefer to stay as autonomous as possible. They prefer to remain independent, living on their own terms, without any overseeing authority to tell you differently. This could be why, according to AARP, nearly 90% of seniors want to remain in their homes as they age. 

Elderly independence provides purpose in aging.

For some seniors, remaining independent allows them to feel a sense of purpose in their life. They have a reason to wake up in the morning and go about their day. The daily tasks and trials of life provide an existential joy of life. They can fear, if this independence is altered, what would their purpose be?

Senior independence fosters a sense of control

Another tenet of maintaining independence is it allows seniors to feel in control. 

There are so many factors that alter as we age. Mobility can change, lifestyles can be amended, and daily routines that have been held for decades can suddenly deviate. All of these factors can make a senior feel as though they are not in control. Through maintaining their own independence, seniors can exert their will over an ever-changing landscape.

Elderly independence can provide pride

As stated previously, not every senior can remain autonomously independent as they age. With the cards stacked against them, many seniors take a point of pride in being independent. They wear their autonomy as a badge of pride, a symbol that, although they are getting older, they are still kicking!

Home care & independence

While not every senior can stay fully independent as they age, seniors can embrace a more independent lifestyle through home care. Home care allows elderly individuals to foster a sense of independence through aging in place. Through a personalized home care strategy, seniors can be assisted in their daily living activities, while still maintaining their control, sense of purpose, and pride!