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Hospital to Home: How to Ease the Transition

Hospital to Home: How to Ease the Transition

Hospital to Home How to Ease the TransitionFor many patients, transitioning from the hospital to their home is a huge relief. At the time, they are so happy to back in the comfort of their own home.

However, many patients are weak after hospitalization. They struggle to manage their medical appointments and medication, they have difficulty moving around, or may be unable to complete simple tasks such as getting dressed or making meals. This is especially true for the elderly.

Without the proper help, these individuals are more likely to injure themselves as they struggle to provide for their basic needs. Consequently, elderly patients coming home from the hospital are more vulnerable and have a higher risk of landing back in the hospital.

In order to avoid a poor outcome after a hospital discharge, we recommend that patients and their families pay close attention to these important tips.

  1. Work with the hospital staff to ensure comprehension of the details of the illness and the at-home treatment (i.e.: medications, breathing treatments, therapies)
    • Find out exactly which treatments are prescribed, proper dosage, and frequency
    • Understand any potential side effects of treatments
    • Find out exactly what equipment is needed and determine whether to rent or purchase
    • Contact the insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid to understand coverage including therapies and in-home health care options
  2. Plan before leaving the hospital
    • Determine what accommodations will be needed at home (i.e.: wheelchair, ramp, walker, cane
    • Decide if furniture or rugs should be moved to allow easy passage
    • Establish mode of travel tol get to medical appointments
    • Figure out the level of help needed (i.e.: bathing, grocery shopping, meal preparation, medication management, driving to appointments, laundry assistance, light housekeeping) and determine who can be a care giver
    • Contact an experienced nursing agency for a nurse or nursing assistant to help in the home
  3. Set realistic expectations
    • Recognize required lifestyle changes and how to implement them
    • Understand what to expect in terms of health over the next few days, weeks, or months
    • Consult with a case manager and/or medical staff as needed

The aforementioned tips can be the critical pieces for a smooth and successful transition from hospital to home. If you have questions about what you or a loved one requires in his or her transition from hospital to home, we can help. Contact us at 561-736-1422, toll-free: 855-730-9895, or visit

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