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Why Exercise as We Age?

Why Exercise as We Age?

Why Exercise as We AgeYour friends and family members have been urging you to start exercising. You know you probably should lose a few pounds, but is exercise really helpful for seniors?

The National Institute on Aging states that inactivity is one of the most risky behaviors in which a senior can engage. Inactivity robs you of strength and stamina, and consequently the confidence and the physical ability to do things on your own.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), exercise is one of the single, healthiest things you can do for yourself as you age. Physical activity may include walking, yoga, swimming, tai chi, Zumba class, or even basic strength training. Even several short intervals of 5-10 minutes of exercise a few times a day is beneficial. Whichever type of fitness you choose, the critical part is to get regular physical activity.

Cardiovascular endurance is important for overall health. Strength training builds stronger muscles to fight osteoporosis, increase stability, balance, and range of motion, allowing you to reduce the risk of falling during normal daily activities. Regular exercise can help build muscles and bone density as well as improve mental wellbeing. In addition, exercise can reduce the risk of many health conditions including stroke, depression, and diabetes type 2. Scientists have found that exercise actually can prevent or treat many chronic conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.


Along with all the wonderful physical benefits, regular exercise is known to be excellent for managing stress and overall mental health. Regular physical activity can help fight depression and improve mental clarity.

You might not have considered this, but exercise is also important for gastrointestinal health. Regular activity promotes the digestive process, allowing your body to eliminate waste regularly and efficiently.

What other remedy treats so many ailments?

It’s time. Contact your physician to obtain approval, pull on your sneakers, and get moving.
For more information on health benefits for seniors, check out a great digital publication from the National Institute on Aging.

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