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What Education And Training Does An LPN Have? 

To become an LPN, a student must go through several years of training to get the certifications and license that they need. They take in-depth courses on subjects such as biology, first aid training, nutrition and human development. LPNs must learn how to properly take care of healthy, sick and injured elderly patients. Since they are high-risk patients an LPN must be especially careful and mindful of how they administer care. They must learn how to do tasks such as bathe patients, give medications, tend to injuries, and recognize symptoms for illnesses like a stroke or heart attack. 

What does an LPN do? 

An LPN is capable of doing many different work duties related to taking care of elderly patients and providing for them. They can care for your loved one by feeding them, bathing them, changing their clothing, brushing their teeth, giving them medicine and monitoring their vital signs. Since they are always in close proximity to your loved one, LVNs can lend their social and emotional support through their company. They are highly knowledgeable about the special needs of an elderly patient and how to provide quality care. 

What services can an LPN provide? 

Services that an LPN can provide include general elder care and postoperative care. They can look after a patient and make sure that they are well rested and healthy. LPNs monitor them constantly so that they can check for any symptoms, serve their needs, and prevent them from sustaining an injury. There are several specialty services that an LPN can provide as well which are unique to a patient’s condition. This includes stroke care, dementia care, Alzheimer’s care, and Parkinson’s disease care. 

How do I decide whether hiring an LPN is suitable for my loved one? 

It can be difficult for a family to determine what kind of care their loved one needs. There are pros and cons to moving your loved one to a nursing home versus keeping them at home with round-the-clock care. If you have a loved one that has a special condition that makes them more vulnerable and dependent on others, like dementia, an in-home LPN may be a suitable solution. There are several advantages to hiring an LPN. Your loved one can stay close to family, remain in the comfort of the ir home, and receive one-on-one and personalized care. Hiring an LPN is a great choice for families who are unable to look after their loved one because of their schedule and other commitments that they might have. To learn more about in-home nursing services and LPN hiring in Palm Beach County, FL, schedule an appointment with Expicare Nursing.